MCos Instruments classical tenor sax mouthpiece (exceptional

70 €


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About us

MCos Instruments mouthpieces and accessories are proudly designed & made by Milan Cosnefroy at his home workshop in Namur, Belgium - about 30km away from Adolphe Sax's birthplace.

About the item(s)

The mouthpieces in this listing are our "Type 23" classical tenor saxophone pieces, particularly suited to chamber and orchestral settings.

These are pre-production items, hence the lower price.


- Easy, even response, as should be expected.
- Exceptional ease and control in the lower range.
- Refined velvety tone even when fortissimo; confident yet delicate pianissimi.

- Works with a large range of reed strengths.
- To our knowledge, this is the only classical mouthpiece currently available in colour (those pictured are in stock, other colours will be made to order within 5 work days).

Standard 2-year warranty.

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